France Athlet    

   Born 27.03.1939   
   B r e s t .   
( height - 1.93 cm ; weight ~ 90 kg )

Club : CEP Lorient.

   F r a n c e Champions

1964 ...
  LONG JUMP   » all

P E R S O N A L    B E S T
L o n g    J u m p
results wind city date
31 08 1966

    l o n g    j u m p    
year results wind city date
31 08 1966

     l o n g    j u m p    
championships place
   3   f i n a l   

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France Champions Long Jump,
all Season Best 1964-1967
Long Jump.
Full results competition Olympic Games,
and European Championships 1964-1968.

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Jean Cochard


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