Participants European Championships
Discus Throw 1934-2006 by Leszek Albiniak
POL Polski   
by Leszek Albiniak

Participants European 1934-2006   

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I invite you to buy my book under the title:
'Participants European Championships 1934-2006'

Item includes statistical material on Athletics
European Championships after the competitions in Turin from 1934 ,
the time for us today is to Goteborg 2006.
In a few days will be XX Championship in Spain in Barcelona.

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On the pages the book can be traced all the medal-offs
this competition, finals and qualification of participants (171 women and 235 men, together 406 participants)
and players who burned all the tests (NM) or for various reasons do not become
at the start, despite the entry into the professions (DNS).

The discus was a bizarre decision admission Rickard Bruch
Sweden burned after 3 kicks in the qualifying rounds, the finals where he won the silver medal.
The so-called. Statement of competing players, that in one of those three throws was not burnt
and exceeded the minimum qualifying competitor it to the finals (Athens 1969).

Next is described offs Polish athletes of both sexes,
the city hosting the European Championship, a detailed biography of Adolfo Consolini triple
European Champion in men's discus..
The parties also used abbreviations of the countries represented by the pitchers.
Bibliography, newspapers, books and online material.

This item is dedicated to my wife Danusia how much additional funding before I created the Participants ...

I invite all lovers of sport, athletics, athletics fans, and players active
and retired sports.

Piotr Malachowski Can repeat gold medal in Stockholm by Edmund Piatkowski ?

The book published in English.

Bid books     25,49 PLN
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Participants European Champs 1934-2006    New
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Participants European 1934-2006   

Participants European Championships
Discus Throw 1934-2010 by Leszek Albiniak
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